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Teideal: Irish Life and Lore Dublin South County Collection 1: Eamon Hynes
Údair: O'Keeffe, Maurice
Hynes, Eamon
Eochairfhocail: blacksmiths
field names
place names
Dáta Eisithe: 4-Iúi-2008
Foilsitheoir: Maurice and Jane O'Keeffe
Cur Síos: Oral history interview. Eamon Hynes, Age 68, Brittas. Subject: Long memories of Brittas. This interview took place in Eamon Hynes’s ancestral home, which was originally a thatched house, with a blacksmith’s forge beside it. His father and grandfather were blacksmiths – the former was a well-known character known as ‘Tuppenny Hynes’. This interview recalls many of the local characters and the use of sayings and phrases in the local dialect. Eamon contracted TB at a young age, as did many people in the area. His wife Patricia also speaks about their marriage and their way of life. Local field names and place names are also recorded. The length of this recording is fifty nine minutes and three seconds.
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10599/8760
Copyright: Reproduced with kind permission of Maurice O'Keeffe of Irish Life and Lore. South Dublin Libraries does not own the rights to this audio recording. If you wish to print or reproduce this audio you must obtain the permission of Irish Life and Lore. See http://www.irishlifeandlore.com/
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