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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_IMG083.jpg.jpg19361936 Christmas Card from Alfie Byrne, Lord Mayor of Dublin.Byrne, Alfie; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS374a.jpg.jpg19661966 Roman Commemorative Mass pamphlet in memory of the 1916 LeadersDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_Communique.jpg.jpg1916-04-2929th April 1916 communique announcing the success of the British Army against the insurgentsDublin Diocesan Archives
OldIrregular.pdf.jpg1922Anonymous anti-Treaty Handwritten letter from 'An Old Irregular' in a 'Dug-out near the Galtees' to Archbishop ByrneDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS376.jpg.jpg1916Anti-Partition pamphlet - "Appeal to the People of Ireland" published by the Irish Nation LeagueIrish Nation League; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS402.jpg.jpg1916Booklet titled "Fragments of 1916" containing eyewitness accounts of the behaviour of the British Military during the 1916 Rising.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS359a.jpg.jpg1916British military pass dated 30th April 1916 to allow Rev. E. Byrne free passage throughout the streets of Dublin. Signed by Major W. KinsmanDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_P1.jpg.jpg1916Dublin Evening Mail dated 4th of May 1916, the day after the first executions.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_19221204_img008_s.jpg.jpg1922Exchanges of letters between Archbishop Byrne and the Secretary, Oglaigh Na hEireann, pleading for clemency re prisoners Patrich Archbold and a prisoner Waters.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_P1_GNS321.jpg.jpg1916-04-22Final issue of the “Irish Volunteer” newspaper dated 22nd April 1916MacNeill, Eoin; Hobson, Bulmer; Dublin Diocesan Archives
1922Five telegrams to Pope Pius XI and Cardinal Gaspari urging the release of Mary McSwineyDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS366.jpg.jpg1916Four letters from various donors sent to Archbishop William Walsh for the relief of poverty after the 1916 Rising.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_PL1.jpg.jpg1922-10-22Full text pf Pastoral letter from Cardinal Logue,to the priests and people of Ireland detailing the Church's opposition to the continued activities of the IRALogue, Cardinal; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_IMG080.jpg.jpg1922Handwritten letter from Count Plunkett, with original envelope and wax seal, to Archbishop Byrne pleading to reinstate the Spiritual Rights of Republican prisoners.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS382.jpg.jpg1916Handwritten letter, possibly from Archbishop William Walsh, vouching for the fact that Eoin MacNeill was uninvolved in the planning of the 1916 Rising.Walsh, Archbishop William; Dublin Diocesan Archives
DependentsFund.pdf.jpg1916Irish National Aid & Volunteer Dependents’ Fund Appeal pamphletDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS332.jpg.jpg1916Irish War News - Volume 1, No. 1, Dublin, Tuesday 25th April 1916Pearse, Patrick; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img004.jpg.jpg1922-12-20Letter dated 20th December 1922 from Kevin O'Higgins to Archbishop Byrne reporting an incident at a mass at Mount Argus church. The celebrant, Fr. Joseph Smith C.P. alleged the Free State army were murderers.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img001a.jpg.jpg1922Letter dated 26th April 1922 from an R Whelan of Rathmines to Archbishop Byrne complaining of Michael Collins' alleged drunkennessPhelan, R; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img020.jpg.jpg1923-03-13Letter from Commander in Chief to Archbishop Byrne complaining about an anti-treaty letter sent by a priest to a prisoner in Tintown, Curragh.Dublin Diocesan Archives