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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_O'Connell Bridge & River Liffey. Lawrence Publisher..jpg.jpg1905O'Connell Bridge and Eden QuayUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connel Bridge & Eden Quay. Valentines Photo Brown Postcards..jpg.jpg1915O'Connell Bridge and Eden QuayUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_River Liffey. Insight Cards Ltd..jpg.jpg1990O'Connell Bridge and its Environs viewed from Ormond Quay LowerUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connell Bridge & Street. Irish Tourist Association..jpg.jpg1935O'Connell Bridge and O'Connell StreetUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connell Bridge & Sackville St. Tucks Postcard c.1909.jpg.jpg1909O'Connell Bridge and Sackville Street DublinUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connell Bridge c.1903..jpg.jpg1903O'Connell Bridge facing towards Westmoreland StreetUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connell Bridge. Valentines.jpg.jpg1925O'Connell Bridge from Burgh QuayUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connell Bridge from Burgh Quay..jpg.jpg1960O'Connell Bridge from Burgh Quay DublinJ. Allen Cash FIBP, FRPS; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connell Bridge. Valentine & Sons Ltd. (2).jpg.jpg1935O'Connell Bridge, Burgh and Eden Quays DublinUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connell Bridge. Valentine & Sons Ltd..jpg.jpg1935O'Connell Bridge, Burgh and Eden Quays DublinUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connell St. Valentine & Sons..jpg.jpg1960O'Connell Street and O'Connell BridgeUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_O'Connell Street & Bridge. Valentines Postcards..jpg.jpg1935O'Connell Street and O'Connell Bridge from Aston Quayunknown; Williams, Joe
wm_Customs House c.1907.jpg.jpg1907Oilette Card of the Customs House Dublin c.1907 by Raphael TuckRaphael Tuck & Sons; Williams, Joe
wm_Liffey Old Bridge Lucan.jpg.jpg1920Old Bridge LucanUknown; Williams, Joe
wm_On the Liffey at Newbridge - Valentine.jpg.jpg1925On the Liffey at Newbridge Co. KildareWilliams, Joe
wm_In the Demesne Lucan - W.Lawrence Pub.jpg.jpg1930Overgrown Banks of the River Liffey in the Demesne LucanUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_Pearse Museum - OPW.jpg.jpg1980Pearse MuseumUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_Patrick Pearse 1879 - 1916 - OPW.jpg.jpg1914Photo of Patrick Pearse (1879 - 1916)Unknown; Williams, Joe
wm_Pigeon House, Fort c.1824 by J. Sadler..jpg.jpg1824Pigeon House Fort c.1824J. Sadler; Williams, Joe
wm_Port of Dublin.jpg.jpg1930The Port of Dublin. Entrance to the River LiffeyUnknown; Williams, Joe